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The Update on Three Points at South End!

Who thought someone was going home with a brand-new Roku TV at the Block Party? The Block Party, at Three Points at South End in Southside Rock Hill was the place to be August 4th! The event was filled giveaways, games, fireworks, food trucks, and live music by Curt Keyz, Mista Darkeye, Kaydence Day & GiseleTYF, and the Hill City Party Band. B.E.L.L, Impact Change, Clinton Health ConNEXTion, NAACP, Palmetto School, Victory Gardens, and the Clinton ConNEXTion Action Plan groups were all showing their support for the vision of Three Points at South End. The space was great, people were free to have fun, enjoy each other, and celebrate the huge news for South Rock Hill.

Let’s talk about the news! In June, there was a press conference concerning the demolition of the unused buildings at the site that is being revitalized! With a project led by Vincent James and Impact Change with support from Rock Hill native and former NFL player, Jonathan Meeks, and Warren Norman and Warren Norman Co., they seek to bring much-desired development through Three Points at South End.

The development will include a grocery store, restaurants, and an incubator space operated by the Black Economic Leadership League of Rock Hill B.E.L.L. The once popular strip mall, gone and dilapidated, with new life comes a new place for growth, community development, and Southside Pride. A lifetime member of the community they said “I feel like it’s a much-needed development on the Southside. I’m glad the space is being utilized for something productive and more accessible resources to the Southside community”. The development will surely echo out Southside Pride. It is another step for the City of Rock Hill and the future of the community.

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