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Meet the 2023 Community Voices

#WeGotNext happens for and by the people! 10 residents were selected to serve as Community Voices for the Clinton ConNEXTion Action Plan.

Those selected include Dr. Frank Dickerson, Gwendolyn Finley, Malik Frazier, Whitney Hughes, Armand Miller, Tamisila (Mek) McCrorey, Charles Z. Robinson, Natasha Jones, Tashica Thompson, and Taninya Smith.

The program is sponsored by Clinton ConNEXtion Action Plan Committee, Clinton Health ConNEXTion, Habitat for Humanity of York County, and Impact York County. The Grassroots Leadership Academy will be facilitated by North Carolina A&T State University, Cooperative Extension Program with facilitation and training conducted by experienced consultants familiar with the content and expected outcome. This is an opportunity for people from varying backgrounds to participate in constructive conversations and propose solutions on a range of issues that impact the implementation of the Clinton ConNEXTion Action Plan and the neighborhoods it serves.

The ambassadors we selected by a selection committee, and covers a significant portion of the diversity represented within the South Side community. Citizen Health Advocates under the Clinton Health ConNEXTion will also go through the Community Voices training to expand their reach and communal impact. To learn more about the Clinton Health ConNEXTion click here.

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